Helping your clients recover quickly in the event of a catastrophe

Following a natural disaster such as an ice storm, hurricane or widespread flooding, nothing is more important than getting help from someone you can trust. With over 60 years of disaster restoration experience, ServiceMaster Restore is the name insurance professionals trust to provide reliable disaster recovery services.  At ServiceMaster Restore, we go the extra mile to provide the timeliest disaster restoration and recovery service possible, even when service volumes are at their highest. Our disaster restoration and recovery response timelines are among the shortest in the industry, even in the midst of extraordinary conditions.

We've learned how to mobilize disaster recovery resources from other ServiceMaster areas on short notice. If there is the threat of an event that will create the need for disaster restoration and recovery services, ServiceMaster Restore goes on notice with pre-planning that ensures the successful implementation of disaster restoration and recovery services for homeowners and business owners throughout Canada.